Advertising is everything for a business. It may direct word-of-mouth publicity indirect advertising in the form of promotions or it may be media publicity. No matter what type of publicity is done, the result is that many more people know about your business and they will remember it in case they require your services. Unfortunately, as we all know, advertising is expensive. Not all of us can afford large print ads in newspapers, magazines or even on TV. For small business owners, indirect publicity works the best and that means promotional product placement ( like branded paper cups and plates) in the right areas.

How does this work?

You can start by approaching a promotional or advertising agency or company that produces small items like paper cups, plates, napkins. Usually, most advertising companies do have this facility and they will have a large stock of colorful items for at any event. Look through the online catalog or real time catalog and order samples for evaluation. If you like the items, you can then ask the company to print your business name, address and telephone number on the items to use at promotional events.

Top tips while choosing and printing cups

1. Choose cups according to the event you have planned. For example, if you have an early-morning conference meeting, choose double walled cups to keep coffee warm for guests. Single walled cups are ideal for day meetings and events as they are light and they can be disposed off quickly

2. For food items, companies do provide unique cups like pasta pots, ice cream cups, small saucers that can also be branded with the company name. We recommend you check with the advertising company for bulk rates on these items.

3. Companies offer black and white printing, color printing, foil stamping and embossing on the cups to create unique designs and shapes on the products. For a small price more, you may find an innovative new design that will make your paper products stand out.

4. Plastic cups and dispensers are also branded with company name and addresses. You should know though that plastic items are slightly expensive over paper and it's a far better idea to use eco-conscious materials like paper.

5. Cup lids and sleeves are popular advertising banners as well. If the caterer is already supplying the cups for the event, you can opt for paper sleeves and lids that are printed with your company name and address. This will be far cheaper than the whole cup and it works the same way as well.

6. You will have to order in bulk amounts of 1000 cups or more to get the best rates. Usually, orders are delivered in about 5 days and minimal shipping charges are applied. Some companies do have a lower order amount but you can check with the company before you actually proceed.

7. Disposable cutlery is usually offered along with the paper cups and buying both together is a good idea. For example, some companies offer disposable branded wooden cutlery or plastic cutlery for customers at affordable rates.

If you are wondering about design, you should know that almost all companies have an in-house design team that will create a free logo for your company. This artwork is free and you can print it on cups or even on a coordinated range of napkins, plates and plastic cutlery.